This website began in 2001 as a pro-hoax theory site. It was run by a young man named Jonathan who was eventually convinced that the Moon landings did indeed happen. The website has changed ownership a couple of times since then, and is now officially an anti-hoax theory site. We aim to debunk every claim that the Apollo Program was hoax using factual information and logic.

Why is it so important to us? Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally find it offensive the way hoax believers tarnish history and the reputations of the thousands of honorable men and women who made going to the Moon possible. A conspiracy theory can be fun until you start labeling innocent people “liars”, “thieves”, or “murderers” without even a shred of proof.

The motive of many hoax believers is to make money off gullible people who distrust the government. They sell books and DVDs about the supposed hoax, but ignore all of the information that easily debunks the hoax theory. That behaviour is dishonest, and this site is here to counter them.