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BlunderĀ® takes on a Flerf

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He signalled his intention to 'cut his opponent into tiny pieces' in the facebook group he uses, and hasn't been slow to crow over his 'victory'.

He hasn't changed his aggressive and antagonistic approach to people who disagree with him, and his new found status as an 'astrophysicist' is giving him more legitimacy in the hoax crowd echo chamber there. The only thing changing here is that his opponent was a flaf-earther, so there's some enjoyment in that.

His stance now as to try and dismiss all the more stupid arguments (lack of stars for one) as ones that destroy the hoax claim's credibility.

His academic training hasn't improved his ability to dissect data and consider alternative explanations for his findings.

He did an aulis article covering lunar orbiter imagery of the apollo sites that we claimed showed they had enough resolving power to allow accurate reproduction of them on Earth. He somehow skipped demonstrating which photos did that, choosing only the best of the best orbiter images and neglecting the fact that they did not match thr Apollo site details.

His response to weather satellites and Earth imagery matching is that they used the satellite to forecast Earth's appearance, and that there are macro-scale weather systems that repeat themselves. He neglects to look at the micro-scale accuracy of Apollo's exact match.

He cited examples from decades after the missions where models of weather system development were compared with satellites and found good correspondence, with caveats. He neglected the caveats and the advancements in both modelling and satellites.

So no, his aggressive, bullying style, utterly misplaced self-aggrandisement and cherry picking of data hasn't changed at all.

Well, if he does agree to "debate" Craig at FTFE, it won't lack for entertainment. Craig has his temperament but isn't the best debater.

I watched about 3 minutes and as soon as the camera moving in to show FLAT EARTH DEBATE.  Switched off as IMO flat earth is dumber than the Apollo hoax.  Even if Jarrah opposes flat earthers, he is still as bright as mud.  I remember reading the IMDB, before the whole set of comments were deleted.  It may have been after his comments were deleted, but Jay destroyed him.  The very last action I did on his web site after viewing his series on Apollo 1 fire, charging NASA with murder was too much for me.  I posted a comment and haven't been back there ever and that was like 4-5 years ago.

It's actually a smart move on Jarrah's part. He "debates" crazy flat earthers and ends up looking sane. He gets a lot of legitimacy that way. Which was why I was calling out Craig the moderator. Just a stupid, stupid move on his part.


--- Quote from: Tomblvd on February 12, 2023, 01:42:22 PM --- I was calling out Craig the moderator. Just a stupid, stupid move on his part.

--- End quote ---

He may be playing the long game.  I'm looking forward to seeing if Blunder's Facebook posts are as smug after Craig has had a proper crack at him.


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