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Our favourite "Dr" turned up in a debate recently

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For your viewing pleasure (I haven't finished at the time of this post, so no spoliers)


I will, however, recommend time stamp 1:20:00 for something..... interesting.

What I also found interesting is Clayton College University. Now, after a quick look, I found a Clayton State University and a Clayton College of Natural Health.

In my, admittedly very rough, search, I'm not sure if Clayton State University has a doctorate program (a comment on https://www.phdportal.com/universities/17338/clayton-state-university.html reads "Clayton State University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate, baccalaureate, and masters degrees.")

Now Clayton College of Natural Health, well, that's a bit more interesting.


Definitely more interesting, it seems like it was a bit of a 'diploma mill' and was non-accredited.

I haven't watched it, but I did read through the comments. Suffice to say the "Dr" doesn't come out of it too well.

Both our good "Dr" and his partner seemed half asleep, and were only waiting for trigger words that they could deliver well worn responses to.

So I learned something today - NEET stands for Not in Education, Employment, or Training.

AKA dropouts.

'Not a Dr' Rasa has turned up for another debate, with McToon this time. Toon has done his homework on Rasa. Amusingly, Rasa posted this in The Moon-Landing Hoax FB page before the debate, but hasn't bumped the post back to the top or even commented since the debate happened, just quietly letting it sink.



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