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--- Quote from: Neil Baker on September 12, 2015, 10:11:36 PM ---I think Christopher Hitchens said it about as well as anyone. Please take the time to listen.

--- End quote ---
Other people have pointed out your fundamental mistake here.  I just have one thing to add: 

Quit whining.

And since you first came on here claiming you had evidence Apollo was faked, and trying to argue from some sort of engineering authority, only to reveal your ignorance of and incompetence in the topic - a violation of guidelines you brought up - let me also add:

Don't be such a hypocrite.

Jason Thompson:
Oh, how predictable.

'Wah, my free speech is being oppressed, waaahhh'

Neil, go and learn what 'free speech' actually means before you spout of crap about censorship.

Most of the people who whine about censorship don't know the difference between censorship and editorship.  Censorship, which is what Hitchens described, is when the government (i.e. Austria) uses its force to compel you not to say a certain thing anytime, anywhere.  It effectively says, "This alternative idea is not permitted anywhere within the country," under penalty of loss of liberty and property.

Editorship is simply the management of one single organ of communication, for purposes that may include (but are not limited to) disapprobation of an idea.  An editor is not a censor anymore than a being ejected from a restaurant by its manager is equivalent to forcing you to starve.  Your use of someone else's edited resource to facilitate your speech is a tacit agreement to the terms by which that facilitation is offered.  If you do not agree to the terms, then you are quite free to find some other means of expression, or to create your own.  An editor who disallows discussion of the Holocaust on her gardening blog is not running afoul of the First Amendment in the least bit, nor in any way standing upon morally shaky ground.

Luke Pemberton:

--- Quote from: Neil Baker on September 12, 2015, 10:11:36 PM ---Please take the time to listen.
--- End quote ---

Really? Why should I listen to you? You refused to answer a multitude of questions here, sticking your fingers in your ears and ignoring anything that was posited to demonstrate your technical expertise.

Please, people, keep discussions on topic -- don't derail threads, and do start new threads for new topics.  LunarOrbit doesn't particularly like asking adults to behave like adults, so read Rule Number 2.

--- Quote ---2. Posting New Topics

Ensure a topic doesn't already exist before starting a new one. Multiple threads about the same topic can create confusion.

Try not to spread discussions from one thread into another, and don't take a thread off topic...
--- End quote ---

One particularly good thing about this forum is that discussions have so often stayed on topic and people have started new threads as soon as someone changes the topic. Unfortunately some of our newer members are not doing this. Recently a thread was derailed into a discussion of Daleks, which had nothing to do with the topic, and even some of our longer-term members contributed to that. Another thread about high-resolution Apollo photos has wandered into a discussion about Jack Schmitt and Jack White.

In the past, it has mostly been hoax-believers who derail their own threads.


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