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New LRO images of the landing sites (altitude 15 miles/24 km)

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A new image release from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, from a very low height, with nice accompanying articles:

* Apollo 11
* Apollo 12
* Apollo 15The resolution is given as 0.25 m/pixel. They seem to be releasing one per day, so there may be more.

Wow. NASA's teams of Photoshop artists sure have been busy!

Cool pictures whats the difference with the first ones? :P

Czero 101:
Less detail.

LRO was orbiting at about 50km when the landing sites were previously imaged. Those images had a resolution of between 0.5 and 1.5 meter, depending upon LRO's actual altitude and angle to the site being imaged, as well as the sun angle, if memory serves.


Awesome images.


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