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UFO 'event' - Printy, Forgetomori, etc are you listening in?

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It is pretty disturbing.. I have sent an email to them pointing to some sites that give details about the credibility of their subjects and questioning the fact that the University is, rightly or wrongly, seen as endorsing this - especially given that Honors Program business..  I shuddered when i saw that...

Next year Jaime Maussan and Steven Greer?  Or perhaps Blossom Goodchild or Nancy Lieder...  (I love misusing the ole 'thin-end-of-the-wedge' approach..) :D

I've also now sent an email to both Tim Printy and Kentaro Mori - it's a long shot but maybe one of them might be in the region, or know of someone..

I do hope we get to see a video or transcript...  No-one here from Washington who can attend?

BTW, I note they have named the event in homage to a Leslie Kean book, it seems...  eeeurgh...

A small update, Tim was kind enough to reply and suggest a Washington based skeptics group, so I'm sending a heads up to them also..


--- Quote from: ChrLz on October 22, 2014, 08:30:27 AM ---  Is anyone nearby and able to attend? 

--- End quote ---

<sigh>...I'm about 45 minutes away. I "checked my calendar", ::) , and unfortunately, I have nothing on it for that day. No guarantees, but I'll give it some thought. Maybe I can make the trip worthwhile and stop at Goddard SFC on the way.

Astro, you are a brave and worthy soul to even consider this - I would not blame anyone for choosing not to go..  But if you do :) and there is a question time, I'd love to hear Leslie Kean update us on the Chilean UFO (El Bosque Air Show - November 5, 2010)* incident, in particular why haven't ALL the alleged videos been released as promised?
Also, does she accept Maccabee's conclusion (that they are not anomalous and likely insects)..?  If she prefers Haines conclusion, can she explain how Haines allegedly got a triangulation match but Maccabee couldn't?
Doesn't this suggest that (at least) one of the experts is an ignorant buffoon?

Sorry, I'm getting carried away...  I looked at that case in great detail some time back, and Haines 'analysis' was a complete joke - it's one of the few times I actually mostly agreed with Maccabee!

* Note that Leslie is plugging more than one Chilean UFO case...


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