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I have been on the search for the highest quality video and film from the Apollo missions for a few years now and I haven't seen anything released since Spacecraft Films DVD's. I own all of those already and they have been pretty great but there is an unfair amount of compression artifacting and I cannot figure out how to separate the .vob files into clips so when played back, the video automatically switches between views every few seconds which is very annoying.

I spoke with the head librarian at NASA Johnson and he couldn't tell me what exactly he had but told me I could bring hard drives and make copies of whatever was in the library which is many terabytes of data as he put it. I'm so tempted to drive there and just copy everything and sort it out later but I have a feeling it's not going to contain what I'm looking for as he could not confirm it. 

I'm specifically looking for the closest thing to raw scans of all television and 16mm footage.

Allan F:
Have you tried the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal?

Have you seen the Apollo 16mm onboard films available through Internet Archive?


I have seen them however 480 is the highest resolution there. The surface journal last time I checked was the oldest and worst quality for the video and 16mm. I will check again; it's been a year or two since I went there. I was really hoping someone here was going to know more about this. You would think with all the remasters and remasters of remasters of different movies we would eventually see raw transfers of the film. I cannot believe someone hasn't done this by now. I'm so tempted to take it on.

Allan F:
You'd need very good credentials to get near the original film and negatives. They are carefully conserved.


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