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Lost Apollo 11 tape


I just came across this. https://youtube.com/watch?v=zRy47g8XPJQ Does anyone know if these tapes have been released publicly?

I think this is it:


There's quite a lot of dispute about what this tape contains. Many people have assumed that it is one of the famed 'missing' telemetry tapes, when really it looks like it's just an old back up of a TV broadcast. Would be nice if someone actually went to the trouble of checkiong though.

It's not much to go by but in the clip I shared, it does show a frame of his video and it appears to have more details. If this guy was as close as they describe, why would he make a copy of a lower quality source that anyone could do? Maybe his buddy was making numerous copies for television and had extras to hand out? That would be reasonable if you told me that. If the guy just wanted to have playable copies around the house, that would make sense. But I would also see it reasonable of him to make a direct copy of the telemetry IF he really had that kind of access. That's what I would do personally and I'm a collector of tape still. I love collecting blank tapes or unlabeled tapes. I have come across some truly amazing finds. A Marine Forward Recon Scout made voice recordings in Vietnam and sent back to his friends and family. Hours and hours of this 19 year old kid's perspective. His team was ambushed, shot up and grenaded. Only two men survived but this 19yr old was shot through the stomach then the head. He got this girl pregnant on leave about six months earlier and didn't know it before he was killed. This girl had a daughter with the now dead Marine. The girl grew up and inherited these tapes but couldn't play them due to sticky shed but I took the challenge on and wow it was incredible to get to present her father to her for the first time.
Sorry that got way off track. I love/hate tape.


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