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Apollo 11 and 17 imaged by South Korea

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Quietly, and without too much fuss, South Korea has been photographing the lunar surface, and has managed to get shots of Apollo 11 and Apollo 17's lunar modules. They've also imaged a decent chunk of Hadley Rille - they just miss the landing site, but photos taken of the rille are, unsurprisingly, a perfect match for those taken during Apollo 15.

Here's their tweet about it:


The raw images are available here:


There's a view of Apollo 11 taken in May that isn't yet availalbe.

If you want to grab the files yourself, search for these in the lists:

Apollo 11 (March 2023 folder)


Apollo 17 (March 2023 folder)


Hadley Rille (February 2023 folder)


There are .img and .png formats, as well as RAW and Processed versions (I've edited out the parts of the filename that reference raw/calibrated). Each specific time and date from 'LUTIA' has a companion 'LUTIB' image if you want to view the wider site.

Here are Apollo 11 and 17 from my own processing:

And Apollo 11 from May 2023 that isn't yet public as a raw image

They idenitfy the large white flare as the LRRR.

Even S. Korea are part of the global conspiracy and are doing their bit to maintain it even after all these years!


And now there's every chance that Apollo 15 has been viewed by Danuri's "Shadowcam" imager. Designed to look in areas normally in darkness, it's also been used to see the lunar surface under Earthshine conditions.

Here's their image browser:


and the specific link to the data:


With a lot of forcing (HDR toning, increasing the dpi etc etc), I've been able to compare the Apollo 15 landing site with the LRO view:

For my money, there is something there where the LM should be, and a hint of a trail to the ALSEP site.

The shadowcam now has images of more of the Apollo sites.

Apollo 11 and 12 don't disturb the ground enough, but 14 and 16 did. Here's a dark blob at the LM site for Apollo 14:

And here's the LM and LRV at its VIP spot for Apollo 16

S Korea continue to add more Apollo photos without any fuss. Yesterday I found Apollo 15 and 14:

Because they're pretty good at labeling relevant files in their xml I worked out how to grab all the xml files from their data dump, which can then be searched for Apollo, so expect more!


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