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"Star" in an Apollo photo?

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Peter B:
No, I don't think it is, but I'd be curious to hear what people think it is.

The photo in question is AS17-146-22293. Just to the right of the rock is a dot of light. In the hi-res version at ALSJ it appears to be two dots. (The dot is also visible in the LPI low-res image, so I assume it's not an ALSJ thing.)

However AS17-146-22294, which must have been taken only a few seconds later, doesn't show the dot.

Any thoughts?

Well if you look at AS17-146-22294 there is no object, so I'm going out on a limb here: it is a film artifact.

ETA:  The second image appears taken from a slightly different perspective and this ay attribute to the object going behind the bolder possibly

Though not a star, Venus is captured in a couple photos, such as AS14-64-9191. Quite hard to see though.

Search on "venus" on Gonetoplaid's images page:

Couldn't be the CSM passing overhead, could it?

Otherwise I'd go with an artifact in development or scanning (or damage to the film itself).  On the full-size scan I see a few more spots that look like that, just much smaller/fainter. 


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