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Remarkable eBay find regarding Apollo 11

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This fairly young guy likes to collect old media equipment and tapes and produced this video of his latest purchase:

Wow, what a find!

Not the "original" tapes that everyone was hoping for, but still amazing that something like this exists after 50+ years.

Oh, cool! I saw that video in my YouTube recommendations but hadn't watched it until now.

I'll have to send him my family's old home movies on Betamax.  ;D

Aaand predictaby, the loons have latched on.

The blunder has found yet another (yawn) 'smoking gun', and in a facebook post claims that after Aldrin says he is about to 'partially close the hatch' (the word partially is important here), he hears a creak and a sound of a door 'lightly slamming'.


Not sure I've every 'lightly slammed' a door, but whatever.

He claims to hear the same muffled light slamming at the same point in CBS' footage:


but it's absent in the remastered and other NASA releases.

For my money, the two sounds are entirely different - would be interesting if anyone could compare the nature and timing of them more accurately.

"A-ha!!" He's saying, "the sound of Aldrin slamming the door has been scrubbed, because you couldn't have heard it through the spacesuit microphone".

Or (and here's a wild and crazy suggestion), it's a sound from the TV studio (where presenters were poised to interrupt with observations), or it's from a door opening in Mission Control. The various mission control loops available here https://apolloinrealtime.org/11/ also have no evidence of any kind of door opening & closing sound, or any sound at all.

The Apollo photos clearly show that the hatch wasn't shut completely, so wouldn't have made any sound as it closed, because it wasn't. Occam's razor? The sound is from the TV Studio making the broadcast. CBS & NBC had different noises in different places, and my suggestion is that it's from their studio microphones. The BBC's transmission has no noise at all:


It's so cute that he thinks an LM door can "slam."


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