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Hasselblad Resources?


Hi All,

Does anyone have anything they can share, or know where to find, some good resources on the Hasselblad cameras used during Apollo? Primarily interested in the testing that went into the cameras, how it was determined that they would survive the lunar environment for example the expected solar energy being received on the sunlit side of the camera vs the shadowed side of the camera emitting heat.
I've found comments around that things like the silvered paint reflecting possibly some 95% of the incoming energy, the constant change in the angle of the sun (moving from sunlight to shadow, different sides being in shadow), and such would have kept the body of the camera in an almost constant state of receiving and emitting energy (and consequently not transferring or loosing much energy internally).

Can anyone assist?


Thanks Mag40, looks interesting. The Art of Making link has more links as well, looks like I get to be busy.


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