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Re: The Putin Presidency
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So, the Kerch Bridge explosion. I'm seeing comments suggesting it was a truck bomb, and others suggesting it was explosives placed below the road.

Does anyone have an inside line on the most likely cause?


The center of the explosion appeared to be to the side of the bridge. There was a disturbance in the water, which could have been a boat. The size of the explosion and the damage done points to a IED, fertilizer bomb or something equal. An explosive like TNT or Octol or any other military grade explosive in a truck would have crushed the portion of the bridge around it to small fragments, and it didn't. ANFO has a much slower detonation, and produces a "pushing" effect, and not a "crushing" effect. Furthermore, rigging a boat to be remote-controlled is much easier than a truck - if you don't want to kill the driver. The truck which appears at the center of the explosion, came from the russian side.

If it was a boat, it was detonated a few seconds early, otherwise it would have taken out the railroad bridge, and not just damaged it.
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