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Possible use for the mRNA vaccine delivery method??

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Allan F:
I just had a brainwave last night.

Short version: mRNA vaccines induce the production of a protein in an organism. One mRNA strand equals one protein - the mRNA strand is destroyed by the process that reads it.

Insulin is a protein. What if the production of human insulin could be stimulated by daily "vaccinations"?

I know it is NOT a permanent solution, and the storage requirements of mRNA vaccines makes it cost prohibitive when compared to the established production of human insulin by Novo and others.

But it is an interesting thought? It could provide a baseline for normal day-to-day living, and supplemental insulin only needed in special circumstances.

But wouldn't that only be possible for people with Type 2? People with Type 1 are no longer able to produce insulin; I don't know if this technology would restore it.

Allan F:
Type-2 isn't insulin-dependent. You can cope with weight loss, diet and oral medication.

Type 1 is where your pancreas - the small area called "Langehalske √łer" in danish - aren't working correctly, and don't produce the insulin you need.

Producing insulin from an mRNA vaccine would be independent of the pancreas.

I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but how do you control the dose?

Allan F:
By measured delivery. One mRNA strand produces one protein. The ribosomes, which are the proteins responsible for converting mRNA into proteines, cut the mRNA into its constituent blocks, which then goes into the pool of nucleotides ready for incorporation into a new mRNA transcribed from the cells own DNA. One mRNA strand yields one molecule of insulin. My idea is to produce enough insulin for a baseline load - thereby avoiding the spikes in insulin caused by injection. Those spikes are of course not present if you have an insulin pump.

THIS is ALL speculative - it's been 30 years since i opened those books (except for a few curiosities).


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