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"Titan" submersible transcript


Allan F:
There's a transcript of some text messages which may or may not have been sent between the unfortunate submersible and the support vessel. Apparently the submersible was initially sinking at about 37 m/minute average, late in the dive accelerated to 45 meters/minute, instead of the expected 25 m/minute. I am wondering if (IF this transcript is legit) the submersible either had attached too much weight/ballast OR some of its bouyancy devices were compromised. Apparently the submersible dropped all the weight it could, including the landing frame and only acheived an ascent of about 5 meters/minute.

Anybody able to look at the math? I don't know anything about the math needed for calculating drag/velocity in water. How much bouyancy was lost to cause this?

Again: I don't know if that transcript is genuine or bogus.

Allan F:
It appears the transcript is fake. Comparing it to a real communication transcript, which uses 1, 2 or 3 letter message shorthand, the very verbose transcript doesn't hold up.


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