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You might also want to add the following national geographic issues:

March 1964 (how we plan to put man on the moon)
November 1964 (the moon close up)
January 1965 (the making of an astronaut)
February 1969 (three articles: The Moon - man's first goal in space, awesome views of the forbidding moonscape, how we mapped the Moon.  Plus a Moon map)

There were other issues with articles on Cape Canaveral, Mercury, and Gemini missions.

Another national geographic you might want to get is October 1968 (Antarctica: icy testing ground for space).   It briefly mentions von Braun's visit to Antarctica (popular amongst conspiracy theorists)

I'll look out for those, thanks!

Edit - found the Feb '69 one at a bargain price on ebay :)


--- Quote from: onebigmonkey on April 13, 2023, 12:05:38 PM ---I'll look out for those, thanks!

Edit - found the Feb '69 one at a bargain price on ebay :)

--- End quote ---

You can view on line copies of relevant ephemera found in Australia (not just Australian publications) at Trove https://trove.nla.gov.au/.  Some of these you can purchase electronic copies, if you want. I assume they are printable.

Added some more material to the 'Specials' page, including a couple of Aviation Week & Space Technology covering Apollo 15 & 16, a very cool Air Force newsletter with lots of detail about mission support, and an edition of 'American Scientist covering Apollo 15 (with a cool image of the lunar module on the surface taken by the Panoramic Camera.


The National Geographic edition mentioned above is on this page:



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