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A few simple questions for conspiracy theorists

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I've got a few simple questions for those of you who consider yourselves "conspiracy theorists", "truthers", or "hoax believers".

Why do people, like you, feel the need to lie to make your case? Why do you pretend to be engineers, scientists, or doctors when you very clearly are not? Why do you create multiple sockpuppet accounts in order to give us the impression that people actually agree with you? Why do you take information out of context to make it look like it supports you? Why do you misrepresent images from movies like "Capricorn One" as "real fake" pictures? Why do you keep making the same claims even after they have been debunked?

I guess all of that can be summed up with just one question:

Why are you so dishonest?

If you have the facts on your side you don't need to lie. Something to think about.

Wow, LunarOrbit...that was cool. :)

Thanks, RAF. :)

You are quite welcome.

Your post is extremely relevant to the hoax believer question...it you've got the truth on your side, why lie in an effort to prove that you have the truth on your side?

Why am I reminded of certain religious leaders and politicians. :)

peter eldergill:
LO hove you been watchin Rick Mercer or something?


Was there anything in particular to bring this post on?

Totally agree but Curious



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