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Number '10' (maybe) in Apollo 11 Lunar Orbit TV transmission?

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Every so often the hoax crowd throws up something interesting, and this is one of them.

In an ABC TV special, the part covering the Apollo 11 TV broadcast from lunar orbit shows a couple of brief appearances of what looks like a number 10 (or possibly a letter 'O' with a line next to it).

Here's the broadcast:


and the two appearances are at 1:12:40, and 1:13:26.

There's a better quality version of the footage here:


but the number 10 isn't as clear thanks to the way the footage has been cropped.

My initial thought was that it's markings on the rendez-vous window, but I'm not so sure now: the font type and colour isn't right, (see the Apollo 9 views here https://historicspacecraft.com/Apollo_Capsules.html) and the window through which they're filming seems too large. It's also (unless it's off screen) missing the 'o' degree symbol.

The hoax crowd are claiming that it's on the surface of a model, despite it changing apparent location during the broadcast and staying a constant size despite different zoom levels. It's obviously something either on the window or reflected on to it (which to be fair some hoax proponents have realised), but what?

Any suggestions for likely candidates?

Seen this one, hadn't really given too much thought.

I've bounced with trying to follow the flight path over the moon, seeing if maybe there was a likely candidate on the surface (crater or something) but the brightness makes me think it's closer to the camera.

Do we know which window they were filming out of at the time? I know in some shots they have specifically said which window they were looking out.

Difficult to tell which window it is as lots are referenced and they seem to take turns describing what they see regardless of who is operating the camera.

The transcript has them initially through number 5 window, but then there's this:

078:29:30 Aldrin: Houston, we'll be moving shortly from the side window to the hatch window, and we'll try and pick up some of the landmarks that we'll be looking at as we approach powered descent. Over.

But they don't appear to change view during this part of the broadcast. Before transmission they suggest the hatch window might be best, but note that it depends on the attitude of the CSM and they'll wait and see.

Later on they say:

078:43:20 Aldrin: We're moving the camera over to the right window now to give you Langrenus, its - its several central peaks and...


078:46:00 Collins: Crater Secchi is out my window now, window number 2. [Pause.]

which is after this part of the transmission.

It's definitely not any bright lunar surface feature - it moves position during the broadcast so it's obviously near the camera.

It's all good, a Mr Jarrah White is investigating!! We're saved!! Heh. Apparently 'Dr' Rasa can't comment, he's back in Facebook jail :)

On the bright side, he's been nice enough to identify the craters for us.


--- Quote from: onebigmonkey on September 24, 2023, 05:20:02 AM ---
...There's a better quality version of the footage here:


but the number 10 isn't as clear thanks to the way the footage has been cropped.
--- End quote ---

In that video around 0:12:34 to 0:13:09 there is a possible candidate: A light-coloured metal ring and two rods that are not as bright as the ring, one on each side of the ring, leaning outward at somewhere around 45 degrees from horizontal.

At first there is just a jumbled bunch of equipment which is quite dark, but a few seconds later the lens is zoomed in a little and the exposure lightened, and the ring is clearly visible very briefly. It might be part of the antenna which Aldrin mentions:--

078:44:52 McCandless: Okay. It looks like you're coming inside now on the camera.

078:44:59 Aldrin: Well, I can't get behind to see the monitor. I'll bring the focus in, but we're going to be looking down past one of the LM quads and one of the antennas, almost straight down at the ground track that we'll be seeing coming in now. I guess there's maybe 2 or 3 minutes before powered descent. [Long pause.]

078:45:37 Aldrin: Alright, that should put the LM structure about in focus, and I'm going to move it out to infinity and then expand the field of view. [Long pause.]

At this time the antenna (if that's what we are seeing) is in shadow, but earlier when the "10" appears, maybe the ring is caught by sunlight, which might cause it to be reflected in the CM's windows.


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