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Allan F:

--- Quote from: Peter B on October 08, 2022, 11:39:22 PM ---So, the Kerch Bridge explosion. I'm seeing comments suggesting it was a truck bomb, and others suggesting it was explosives placed below the road.

Does anyone have an inside line on the most likely cause?


--- End quote ---

The center of the explosion appeared to be to the side of the bridge. There was a disturbance in the water, which could have been a boat. The size of the explosion and the damage done points to a IED, fertilizer bomb or something equal. An explosive like TNT or Octol or any other military grade explosive in a truck would have crushed the portion of the bridge around it to small fragments, and it didn't. ANFO has a much slower detonation, and produces a "pushing" effect, and not a "crushing" effect. Furthermore, rigging a boat to be remote-controlled is much easier than a truck - if you don't want to kill the driver. The truck which appears at the center of the explosion, came from the russian side.

If it was a boat, it was detonated a few seconds early, otherwise it would have taken out the railroad bridge, and not just damaged it.


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