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"Dr" Rasa Virharii due for an eye test

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This one's good for a chuckle.

Everyone's favorite free-energy nutjob presents two pictures of the earth from the moon (unreferenced of course), claims taken at the same time one from the still camera and one from the video, and claims the cloud patterns are "completely different" when they are in fact the same - just rotated slightly.

Never ceases to amaze and amuse how the HBs can take a piece of solid evidence of the reality of Apollo and claim it is the exact opposite. I think that one of the reasons the hoax nonsense endures is because there's an almost never ending supply of evidence to invert.


Oddly enough I've just updated my page on that day's Earth images to cover this claim.


He claims they were taken at the same time, when they were taken about an hour apart, and the Earth's rotation is entirely consistent with that.

The Hasselblad was taken at the LM, and features the LRV in it, well before the two astronauts separated - Schmitt to finish off some ALSEP photography, Cernan to park the rover. The image from the TV camera was taken as Cernan was about to board Challenger for the last time, after he'd parked up, secured the LRV and walked back.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Bell-end also features in a few additions to the end of my page here:


He claims to work for the CNSA, and that China has proof that the landings were faked and are blackmailing NASA. He says that all the photos taken at the moon are genuine, but taken by robotic probes and cameras mounted outside the spacecraft. Not quite sure how he squares that with all the photos featuring astronauts on the lunar surface, or the ones obviously taken inside a spacecraft.

That is great work, has to be about the most comprehensive debunking sites I've seen.

I happened to be having a chat / debate / argument with the good Doctor on FB and shared this with him. Have a read


So that's why this thread got a specific call out on the FB group (The Moon-Landing Hoax), you'd linked him to it. Still hasn't provided the references for the photo/video still though.


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