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A few simple questions for conspiracy theorists

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I think it's mostly just the endless sock puppets that lead to that Mercer-like mini rant. :)

I mean, people like Patrick must realize they are lying when they create multiple identities... so why do they do it? How does it help their cause?

Thanks LO.

Along those lines, I'd like to ask a question that was moved to the Abandon All Hope forum at JREF when I asked it of PK1000:  why are you, the hoax believer, so emotionally invested in proving that we didn't go to the moon?  Why won't you accept reasonable explanations from reasonable people that it happened? 

As I said then, it's OK to disagree with the program, the money and effort spent and so on.  But going to nearly the same effort to fit the Apollo record into a hoax theory as it does to make a geocentric model of the Solar system fit observations just makes no sense...

I believe that it's Projection.  The HB believes that we are lying,  since it is obvious that going to the moon is impossible. Therefore he feels that he is jusitfied to fight lies with lies.

Count Zero:
The question reminds me of a recent article in the British Journal of Social Psychology:

Does it take one to know one? Endorsement of conspiracy theories is influenced by personal willingness to conspire

Another question would be, why, when you seem something that seems wrong to you, do you not consider that maybe the problem is your understanding and not that the world is wrong?


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