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Apollo hoax documentary title?


David Ridlen:
I am assembling an Apollo hoax debunk vid addressing the claim that artificial light was used anywhere in the lunar surface record.  My expertise is in lighting.  But I want to include a segment from a pro-hoax documentary that I cannot locate (not Sibrel's).   I dont remember well, but it contained an interview with an expert in something like photogrammetry or measuring how light reflects of surfaces, where he claimed that a specular highlight on Aldrin's boot (descending the LM ladder) could only be caused by an artificial light (it is actually a reflection of sunlight off Armstrong's suit).  Anyone familiar with that, so I can use it? 

Peter B:
G'day David, welcome to the forum.

What you're asking about sounds like the Aulis video. JayUtah's Clavius website mentions it: What Happened on the Moon? An Investigation Into Apollo.

I don't know whether it's available online.

Yeah, that's David Percy's video What Happened on the Moon? Want my VHS copy?

David Ridlen:
Thanks!  I do still have working VHS players  ;)  But I located a download of better rez than the YouTube version.

David Percy is probably one of the least knowledgeable hoaxsters out there. He was the one that came up with the idiotic "superlight" to explain the obvious single lighting we see. He dishonesty uses visor reflections as his so called evidence. This video tears his argument apart with just a single piece of footage:

I can't remember where this was downloaded from, looks like Apollo 17, but there was another light blocking moment just after as I recall.


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