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I almost forgot to start a new ban log.

The first person officially banned from the new forum is... (drum roll, please) ...DAKDAK. He was banned for deleting all of his posts, which as Playdor could tell you, is a sure fire way to tick me off.

As a result of DAKDAKs revisionism/vandalism I have installed a plugin that will track changes to posts and allow me to revert them if necessary. I have also imposed a 2 hour time limit to editing posts, but I might remove that if the plugin works well.

I hope conspiracy theorists will eventually learn that by doing things like that they are demonstrating to us that they lack integrity. If they can't even stand behind their words when they are totally anonymous on the internet, then what should we expect from them in the real world?

peter eldergill:
Do you think playdor and dakdak were the same person?


No. But Playdor is here. Isn't that right, Profmunkin?

profmunkin has been banned.

1) He is a sock-puppet of a previously banned member of the old forum (Playdor). This alone is normally grounds for an instant ban, but I guess I was in a forgiving mood.

2) After being banned from the old forum he asked Proboards to delete all of his posts. While this is apparently allowed under Proboards rules, I consider it a cowardly act of vandalism.

3) Refusing to defend his claims in the JFK - 3 shooters 6 shots thread. More cowardice. If you aren't willing to stand behind your claims while using an alias on the internet then what does that say about the kind of person you are?

Jason Thompson:
Well, who saw that coming a mile away...

At least this time he won't be able to delete his posts. I think allowing him back was a good idea, since it meant he had time to show the kind of person he was, and he now can't erase it.


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