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In order to prevent people from inadvertently ruining a good movie, book, or TV show for others I've installed a new forum plugin that let's you mask spoilers. To use it, just surround the text that your want to mask with the following tags:

--- Code: ---[spoiler]Hidden text goes here[/spoiler]

--- End code ---

If you are using the full editor (rather than the "Quick Reply" box) you can highlight the text and then click this button:

This is what the hidden text will look like. Just hover your mouse over it to read what it says:
[spoiler]Spoiler alert: the Apollo Moon landings really did happen![/spoiler]

I hope people will use this. I don't want to prevent people from discussing movies, but I know how much it sucks to accidentally hear details about a movie before you get to see it for yourself. I had to avoid the internet for a day or two when Breaking Bad ended last week because I couldn't watch it when it aired. ;)

Hmm. Apparently the Tapatalk app for mobile devices ignores the spoiler tag and just displays the text as a quote. So that's not good.

I'm open to suggestions for how to handle spoilers. I thought about just starting a new thread with a warning in the title, but anyone who reads the forum using the "Recent Posts" feature will still see them.

Allan F:
How about this:


This might spoil your apples.

On another forum spoilers are handled with a feature which requires you to highlight the text by click/dragging before you can read it. Don't know if your software allows this?


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