Author Topic: Apollo 14 Lunar Topgraphic Camera images - any more out there?  (Read 4467 times)

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I recently came across a couple of images from APollo 14's Lunar Topographic Camera on some daft UFO thread somewhere (at least those guys acknowledge we went), namely AS14-80-10468 and AS14-10511 (see

After a bit of searching I found where these two images are on the moon:

To give an idea of scale, each image is about 5 km long.

The amount of detail they show is quite impressive compared with the LRO. For example here's a crater from 10468:

and here's one from 10511:

Needless to say Apollo's images show much more detail from orbit than the best Lunar Orbiter image

What I'd like to know, in order to complete my grand project of mapping every Apollo orbital image on Google Moon, is are there any more of these images available anywhere? I've seen some in the PSR and a couple of papers but they are poor quality.