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New user registrations
« on: July 10, 2019, 11:42:47 AM »
To anyone who has registered for membership with the forum and hasn't received a reply, I'm sorry.

It is entirely my fault, but I want you to understand that the forum receives many new applications every day, and 99% of them are spam. It is difficult and time consuming for me to go through the list to try to weed out the spammers from the legit users, and due to the fact that my day job keeps me very busy I do tend to let the forum registrations slide for too long. Again, I'm sorry.

It's also quite possible that I have mistaken legit users for spammers and rejected their membership.

Accounts are not approved or rejected based on whether I believe they are pro-Apollo or not. This is purely a matter of my limited time and the difficulty involved in ensuring the forum remains secure and free of spam.

For anyone that would like to join the forum, here are some ways you can make my life easier and improve your chances of having your account approved quickly:

1. If you know a member of the forum you can ask them to contact me to expedite your membership approval. This almost guarantees that your account will be approved within hours of my receiving their message. Just register your account normally first and then tell them what username you chose.

2. Do not use gibberish usernames or email addresses (ie. [email protected]) because these look like they are randomly generated by a spam bot, which means I am more likely to reject these accounts.

3. Do not use usernames or email addresses that appear to advertise anything, especially pornography or drugs.

4. Do not use throwaway email address services. I do not send spam, and I do not share or sell membership info. But I do need to be able to verify that new users are actual humans and not spam bots.

5. Do not use a VPN when registering your account. I respect your privacy, and I don't care if you use a VPN after your account is approved, but if I can't verify the origin country of the IP address I will assume you are a spammer and reject your account.

6. If your username is "John" but your email is "[email protected]" I will assume you are a spammer. It might not guaranty that your account is rejected, but it will almost certainly cause a delay.

7. If your email ends in anything other than .com, .net, or a trusted country code the chances that your account approval will be delayed will increase.

8. If your email ends in .ru or your IP address is located in Russia your account will probably be rejected. It's unfair, but you can blame Vladimir Putin for making Russian internet traffic as untrustworthy as it is. Sorry, not sorry.
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Re: New user registrations
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2019, 08:03:37 AM »
Its fine, I had a guy on the inside.  ;)