The Hall of Shame

Adrian van Weereld

Known Aliases: AwE130,The Whisper

Adrian van Weereld (aka. AwE130) is a small time conspiracy theorist from The Netherlands who has almost no audience or followers. Normally he wouldn’t even warrant any attention from this website, but because he inspired the creation of the “Hall of Shame” we will make an exception.

Adrian’s most notable trait is his blatant dishonesty. He frequently takes the words of others out of context in order to make it appear that they support him. His lies are often contradictory and he has a hard time keeping his story straight. He stubbornly refuses to acknowledge he has lied when caught, and will dig himself into a deeper hole rather than tell the truth.

Adrian tends to refer to himself as “we” or “us” to make it appear that he is a part of a team, rather than an individual. He hopes this will give the impression that he has supporters when in fact he does not.

He has a strange obsession with the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (the ALSJ) and it’s curator, Eric Jones.