Hall of Shame

The “Hall of Shame” showcases those proud conspiracy theorists who have shamelessly lied or have otherwise behaved dishonourably. It is reserved for those who have reached a certain level of notoriety for their dishonesty.

We feel that having honest questions or doubts about Apollo is somewhat understandable because it is generally based on ignorance. There is nothing wrong with being ignorant about something as complex as the Apollo program as long as you are willing to learn and don’t ignore the facts. The willful ignorance displayed by these members of the Hall of Shame after being shown the facts implies that they are not willing to learn or are not being honest.

Anonymity on the internet is important and we don’t expose these people lightly. But when someone repeatedly demonstrates a willingness to lie or misrepresent the facts they are no longer considered to have honest questions or doubts. They are con men who are only interested in taking advantage of others. Anonymity protects these con men from the consequences of their behaviour, and they do not deserve that privilege.